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This was written in the guest book in Sawmill Cottage, it's written for the next guests as much as for ourselves. I'd strongly recommend that you consider being one of the next visitors to Sawmill Cottage on Eilean Shona!

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Friday 1st April

Shona Beag

With "Little Shona" right out our doorstep, we were excited to explore her since we arrived. We made a small foray east earlier in the week but this afternoon we set off east with more purpose. The views back towards Sawmill as we climbed were delightful and the summit graced us with views all the way down the North Channel to the sea, and again to Eliean na h'Oitire. We headed down from the summit and further inland to the road on Shona Beag. Yes, a paved road!

Following the track (calling it a "road", may have been sightly over-zealous!) led us to a closed gate with a sign saying "Private Gardens". We dutifully skirted around the deer fence continuing South to the Boat House.

Continuing along the coast, we were gifted with stunning views back to Shona House, a perspective I doubt many others have seen!

We continued tracking the shoreline as much as we could, the going became somewhat more treacherous as the terrain steepened. We took our time, and carefully picked our way along the cliff side, returning to flat ground just as some drops of rain began to fall.

A very enjoyable exploration to end the week

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and what a week it has been!

Eilean Shona has been the perfect place to celebrate Shona's birthday, and to ask her to be my wife. There's no way I'm topping this next year!

Shona: What an amazing paradise this has been. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect week. I don't think I'll ever finish exploring "my" island, but I hope we'll return to explore more as husband and wife! I've definitely made some memories I'll never forget!