Eilean Shona Adventures

This was written in the guest book in Sawmill Cottage, it's written for the next guests as much as for ourselves. I'd strongly recommend that you consider being one of the next visitors to Sawmill Cottage on Eilean Shona!

You can find more information about Eilean Shona on their website.

Tuesday 29th March

We had a super chilled day today after all of yesterday's excitement. We headed over to the little island shop to pick up some more milk and Shona popped into the Village Hall to catch up on some congratulatory messages!

We spent our afternoon with a couple of good books by the fire. Venison "Pie" for dinner. Definitely one to try, 5/5. We popped back to the village hall after dinner as Shona was excited to start looking at wedding venues. We saw a heron and 3 deer on the way there and loads of glowing eyes on the way back in the dark!

Wednesday 30th March

The Summit!

This morning we followed the main path up to the summit of Eilean Shona, Beinn a' Bhallidh. It was warm on the way up with the sun to our back and sheltered from the northerly wind.

One stag was spotted on our ascent, but he disappeared over a ridge before we managed to get the camera out!

The northerly wind on the summit was biting, but the views absolutely made up for it. Before we took them in fully we paused to throw on some extra layers. Well wrapped up, we could really take the time to appreciate the incredible views from the summit & we definitely had the weather to make the most of them.

Perfect views over Eigg to Kinlock with Skye and the impressive Cullins further to the North. Inland, to the Nevis Range and what felt like all of the West of Scotland. By following the path on, a little past the summit you're treated to views down to Baramore and the sandy beach of Eilean na h'Oitire, where Shona said yes on Monday.

We made our way down off-path, heading through the woods roughly towards Sawmill, our cottage. We emerged from this little adventure in the woods right behind Red Cottage!

18 images of our walk to the summit of Eilean Shona

After dinner, while playing a board game, our kitchen windowsill was visited by the Pine Marten

Thursday 31st March

Shoe Bay!

The temperature dropped overnight, so while we waited for the world to warm up a little we had a relaxed morning and late brunch.

We then headed out to Shoe Bay, choosing the last marked path we had yet to explore, the Green Path. It took us 1h15 to get to Shoe Bay, and we arrived at the stunning white sandy beach at the same time as a rather large rain cloud!

Thankfully the shower was short and the worst of it passed SouthWest of us. The sun re-emerged and the crystal clear blue-green waters were too much for Shona to resist!

Honestly, I could take it or leave it. I like to take my cold water with a healthy dose of neoprene.

Shona was in first, although not for long and not wanting to be shown up by my new fiancée, I went in too.

In and out.

The Atlantic off the coast of Scotland in March is COLD! Shona says that it's "refreshing".

We redressed and warmed up in the sun with a flask of tea as the rising tide chased our feet.

We then made our way back on the White Path to complete our loop, with a short break to give Paddy a cwtch.

21 images of our walk to the white sands of Shoe Bay